is a NFT and WebXR experimental project being developed by

Inspired by the ancient Chinese fiction The Peach Blossom Land, this experiment is trying to explore the possibilities of a cyberspatial utopia that is based on blockchain and immersive technology.

Currently this project is pre-alpha, which means to be a "testing ground" as related tech matured. It lacks many features for now, and anything could change in the future development.

If you would like to collaborate with me on this project or something similar, feel free to open issue / pull request / join Discord / message me on Instagram or Twitter.

On PC: use WASD or arrow keys for movement
On Mobile: press and drag screen for movement
On VR: use controller sticks for movement

Key updates - ver0.1.0

  1. designed and built the 3d virtual environment.
  2. implemented basic desktop/mobile/VR user controls using A-frame.
  3. added MetaMask account verification interface, further integration to be developed.
  4. added OpenSea embed card for NFT trading.